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What is KARISMA?

A web enabled application designed to facilitate India Inc and the investors to access information by a click of a mouse.

Connecting all stakeholders on a single platform to meet individual stakeholder needs. – a Single Window Solution

Substantially compresses time to take decisions due to accurately and quickly making the required information available.

Helps corporate to comply with all regulatory requirements as well proactively provide services to their investors.

Substantially reduces service response time by avoiding queries flowing through physical modes wherever they can be avoided.

Our Solutions

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Other solutions
Lead managers

A client can generate a consolidated categorized distribution schedule with graphical presentation

Addresses core requirements of all registry functions.

Provision for various MIS- customized as per client requirements

Monitors correspondences from shareholders

Delivers required information from RTA at the click of a mouse

Available 24*7 duly updated as per Benpos

Accessible from anywhere and at all times

Empowers you with Instant details

Shareholders information is made available in user friendly version. A client can view shareholder’s information based on parameters like Folio No., Application No., Reference No.,Warrant No., DpId/ Client Id, PAN, Name etc.

A classification of share holders like FII’s, NRI, FI, Mutual Funds, Residential Individuals, Promoters, Employees & their share holding % can be viewed. A graphical presentation for shareholding summary can be generated dynamically (pie/bar graph)

A client can generate a consolidated categorized distribution schedule with graphical presentation

A consolidated Top 100 shareholders list are available instantly with the addresses

A client can also view PAN No. based consolidated Top 100 shareholders ,Top 100 Buyers/Sellers (It generates multiple Client ID’s with same PAN Number)

As desired, clients can generate Top ‘N’ holders & Top ‘N’ shares

A weekly basis comparison Reports can be generated based on the downloads received by the depositories (i.e. on Friday). A client can also generate a consolidated top 100 Buyers/Sellers , top ‘N’ Buyers/Sellers & top ‘N’ shares wise reports as they desire

A spread of shareholders available geographically i.e. city wise, state wise & zone wise. This will help in disbursement of corporate benefits & for dispatch of Mailers

A provision to generate control reports for Transfer, Demats, Remats etc., is also available

By providing From & To dates, clients can generate a Correspondence MIS for the no. of correspondence received, attended & pending reports. Further a detailed information about a particular query with letters/reply including dispatch details can be viewed

Reports submitted periodically like Clause 35, SEBI Quarterly Reports, Lock in, Pledge etc. can be generated dynamically

Reports for the Last 6 months can be generated dynamically. Every report has an option of Print/ Mailing/Excel download. In reports, option is available to sort based on Column Heading

Investors can create free logins in KPRISM , which is specially designed to meet their needs

Investors can electronically register their queries. After lodgment of queries an auto generated reference No. will be provided for future reference

After 24 hours , with this Reference No. investors can view the reply for the queries lodged

Investors can download standard proforma from the site. Example: Indemnity for duplicate dividend warrants, transmission, transposition etc

Provision is available for the investors to view the Book Closure Dates / Record Dates/Annual Reports/ Prospectus for all those companies for which KFintech is the Registrar

Provision is available to the investors to register their IPO Application no. with their Email-Id to know the status of allotment. An automated mail will be sent to all registered holders as soon as the allotment is finalized

Once the allotment is finalized, with the help of the Application No. an investor can view his/her allotment status

In case the Application no. is not immediately traced, the system will ask to enter the dpid/client id. If the provided demat details is also not traceable, investors have to provide complete details for further verification

Provision is available for the investors to view the Listing dates of the IPO’s (Handled by KFintech)

For any general clarification for the services related to Registrars, the investors can quickly browse through the details by clicking FAQ’s

A link is available to the investors where they can give their feedback about the services

A module provided to all IRC’s facilitating to view the complete shareholder information for all the clients serviced by KFintech

Through this module, all IRC’s can provide the services across the table

IRC’s can view the replies given at HO for the queries lodged at their end

IRC’s can view the Book Closure Dates/ Record Dates announced by the companies serviced by KFintech

A provision is available to the IRC’s to know the statistics of Complaints Received, Solved & Queries still Pending against the Total Quantum of Correspondence received for different companies